Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bricking It


It’s the first time I’ve got it out, its the first time I’ve used it. Alan and Zoe are up and so I get up to. I head to the bathroom. This is the last time I will see it like this. I clean myself up, I take more than ten minutes. I’m fresh, I’m clean, I’m a wonderful gleaming human being.


Downstairs I’ve been set up. Although I’m playing well. I’m playing well because I’ve forgotten the rules and no one is watching how I’m playing, other than saying, wow nack your doing well. I’m shortly put in my place. But it was as innocent confusion.


Of course this meant game one was kind of invalid. But round two was


Also a winner. And with that I was taken downstairs by Alan to the basement. He took me here because he new I’d get excited when he


showed me his tools. We “discussed” the central heating system in detail before


the radiator came off. Little mess was made, and his tools came in useful. Apparently he’d done it before, so I guess that's why he knew where to find them. We stripped the walls of the accessories, leaving the bare wall. What we need now was


a massaging table. I take it he borrowed it form next door. It was the perfect size to fit in the bathroom. This did however….


mean that once all three of us were in here, no one could escape. I looked at the window.


After much discussions, even more than taking the radiator off, the decision was made unilaterality that we would start in the corner. If we were wrong we were all wrong, and trapped in the same room.


I considered if he was Polish. One worker, two supervisors. Of course we were full of praise.


Its hard to know what to say next, so I said it. The workers need a cup of tea. Zoe left and went to B&Q!


It was at this point that I realised that Alan was enjoying himself. He’d told me he didn’t enjoy DIY.


For some reason.


I began to believe him.


He went and made the tea. By the time he came back.


the team had done a fine job.


And things were going back up well.


If you wanted a different look, this was it.


It could be questioned if we used enough past. Would it still be up in the morning, next week, next month? or even the next hour?


It had been many hours since I’d been to the toilet. Many hours.


Yeah that bit was mine.


And there by the bog brush.


The final touches were added.


Which I’m sure everyone would have been happier about.


And then came the time to fit the radiator. And once we refound the holes in the wall,


All was great, Alan was Happy, Zoe was Happy.




I went and said hello to Mr Tickle.


Talked to Gary.


and minced some words with the bearded chap for a while, while Zoe got changed.


For tonight was party night, round Matts. I knew I shouldn’t have had that jaggermister……..

Friday, February 17, 2017

Sight Seeing


Today I go to work in the car, I got to work in the car as on the way home, I’m not going home, not to my home, although it feels like my other home. I arrive later than expected, but earlier than originally anticipated. A message is received that I should not worry, The train is late by ten minutes. This is good. I’m a boy, so ten minutes is enough to change into anything I want to, but I should keep my eyes open. I meet in the street took indoors and I do the magic of transforming into me, that it then we are off down the road, to the station, I’m humming, I’m excited, not because of the chu chu travel but of the company.


On the chu chu, Zoe takes something out of her bang, I give it a sip. It is most questionably and IPA. Is this wise? Well its Friday night and she pulls another out of her hat. We chat and drink, and arrange to meet Alan at the station. Here I could have a bit specific tunna and cucmber sandwhich. I could but I don’t, I go posh and have salmon and soft cheese. And thus the walk beings a walk to somewhere new, somewhere I’ve not been to before. That swift pace is kept up, and longer than you think and we are here. We are…..


Home. Or as Alan put it well done Nack its now sold out. There is an air of excitement I can feel it, even though it is not my excitement. After all, I don’t know why we are here. How is Ben Wheatly? And Freefire? Is this an act of god, are we to be burnt to death? Is he an arsonist? Are we getting matches. Am I actually home?


I relax in the seat and watch something with the volume turned way up. I might be deaf on one side, but I heard that through my skull. I saw that at point blank range. Can this be true. Is this Brighton? How many bullets have they got in their pocket? Are they heading to the Restaurant at the End of The Universe. They appear to be dressed for it. It would appear most of them are.


I’m not sure who Michael Smiley is, but he doesn't seem to like Hughes Grants acting much. And I’ll be honest I don’t recognise Ben Wheatleys face. But then should I?


As far I as I know they could be actors. But that is as far as I know, and as of yet I haven't even been as far as that restaurant at the end of the universe. I really should go. Should I make plans to go? Or should I just go?


Alan recognises them and takes a photo of them. I recognise Alan and take a photo pf Alan, taking a photo of them, whom he as recognised.


Don't even ask, I have no idea who the man in the middle is either. He doesn't seem to know much about his guests either, he keeps asking them lots of questions. And when he runs out of questions, he gets the audience to ask questions. I only have one question to ask. Its probably not appropriate though even though I’m wearing my KLF tee-shirt. I wonder if somewhere in this crowd they are here?  Apparently it was Brighton. Apparently he doesn’t like working to far from home, apparently he also directed Sightseers! Apparently he is loved for his work in film. Apparently I like him too then. Apparently I should know him. Apparently I should recognise him. I’ve never seen his face before though. I remember faces well, not names but faces, I wonder if he wants something to eat?


And with that we go in search for food, we start our journey, will it, I wonder take us to the end of the universe. Tomorrow we will find out………

Thursday, February 16, 2017

One Step Closer To The Next Big Thing


The course takes the same path it always does, its no imagainable, its the same as it was, only lighter.


In my bag though is something different, although the same.


Light weight, made of paper, different cover, same journey, same people, same objectivity.


Its quick for me to sink back into it, to let the mind flow, where the aurther wants to take us.


I wonder though on this journey, how long it will take us to reach the destination, and once there, what will be on the menu?


If there is a destination, I’m not sure about it. It is time though to move


my clothes into the back bedroom. I stay in here the longest. Here, I’m most comfortable. Here I can hide, in the cosyness of nothingness. Where I can look out on that Greeness so very often and beyond.


and then I jump back to a story, anther story, one that takes me far away,


where I can play act, adventure, curiosity, and difference. I should be packing though, I should be but I don’t. I want to continue the adventure, so I do…..

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe


I look out and ponder what is out there, in the universe, past the lush greeness of the lawn, the fence,


What was it Arthur Dent was expecting, or not expecting as he wasn’t expecting anything, let alone looking for anything not to expect.


On the train the adventures of Arther Dent continue.


Erm are you feeling peckish? I see it but don’t notice it. Is it calling me. Is it calling us? Is that telephone number so improbably probable that it probably isn’t.


Sitting here, on the station platform at Walsall many miles from Lush Greeness of the garden I wonder where the train could take us today. Will it take us anywhere.


There I see is now, This space could be yours. The numbers right there. But right now…


I wish I knew where I could find the Restaurant at the End of Universe.


So book one is finished, complete, but not complete, a mere introduction of the path to follow.


I put it down, and look foward, and around at where it is I’ll be taken next, weather I to be or not. There is no lack of adventure, but adventure is far better with someone to share it with, someone to laugh at the bad parts, that become the funny parts, that become memorable parts.


Just where is the Restaurant at the End Of The Unvierse. I’ve got to get there, I need the adventure, i feel for adventure, I need to fly, but here I walk, I could once more walk on by. But I don’t. I stare at the closed front, and walk up to it.


I look inside, its gone, its disappeared, sucked up into the infinity of the universe we are all floating in. No more chips to be put on the table. No slab of haddock to be battered to a tangible task spectacular. No now we will have to venture further, for the same irrestablillty. But just how far, I’m willing to go, I willing to find the end of the universe.


Before the universe itself disappears from infront of me.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
contains information that is non-accurate, made up and in some cases just down right lies. Anything in this blogg may be based on true fiction but to help dramatise it, some items may have been embellished. Some names are made up, others are not and any that are familar to yours just are.





 Near The End Of The Rainbow

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